Strategic Services

Strategic Services

We’ve encapsulated our customer experience expertise and best practices into strategic services aimed at improving brand loyalty and acquiring new customers.

Competitive intelligence and benchmarking

We deliver a detailed analysis on how you stack up compared to your competitors—at the local, regional and global level. You’ll know:

  • Which of your competitors’ campaigns are succeeding and why
  • If your customers are more loyal to your brand or your competitor’s and why
  • What customers like (and don’t like) about your products and services compared to your competitors
  • Learn about the brands—including products and services—you want to emulate

Customer engagement strategy

With NewBrand’s Customer Engagement Strategy service, you’ll understand your audience in detail so you can target, engage and measure success of your customer engagement programs.

  • Target: We tell you with whom you should engage to get the biggest impact
  • Engage: We help you craft the most effective way to communicate to your targets
  • Measure: We set up engagement goals and a tracking and measurement strategy so you can quickly determine the effectiveness of your programs

Social media strategy

NewBrand’s Social Media Strategy service includes recommendations on the most effective ways to set up your social presence to improve brand health and increase leads. You’ll know:

  • How to effectively set up and monitor your social pages
  • The best way to track brand buzz – at the local, regional and global level
  • What’s happening today, where’s your current buzz and on which channels should you focus
  • How to track and measure results
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