Identify, prioritize and implement changes that will have the greatest impact on your brand.

How am I performing at the brand, regional and local level?

How can I engage customers in both public and private forums?

NewBrand Social Media Performance Analytics

Are my franchisees, branches or stores adhering to my standards?

What do I need to do: change product offering, overhaul the loyalty program, upgrade facilities or something else?

NewBrand customer experience management software does more than just social listening, analytics and reputation management. It enables you to quickly identify, prioritize and implement changes that will have the greatest impact on your brand—at the local, regional and global level.

With NewBrand, you listen, understand, prioritize and act to quickly and decisively make decisions that will improve customer loyalty and acquire new customers.

NewBrand Customer Experience Management for Social Listening

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  • Trust the data with the needed accuracy (up to 95%)
  • Include "non-purchasers" as well as customers
  • Incorporate all sources, including social media, review sites, surveys and other internal data

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  • Pinpoint what's working and what's not on local, regional and global levels
  • Rely on performance-based scores by industry-specific categories and sub-category drill downs
  • Benchmark against competitors, industry and internal best practices

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Prioritize and act

  • Determine your performance on key loyalty drivers
  • Prioritize and implement changes
    • Tactical through strategic
    • Local through global
    • Marketing through operational
  • Engage Customers
    • Connect, respond, manage and track

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“By listening to and engaging with guests through NewBrand, we are driving guest loyalty and satisfaction.”

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