So you’re sold on the idea that your hotel needs online reviews to attract new customers – excellent, but that’s only half the battle. Now you want to know how you can encourage those customers to post more reviews about your hotel on social media and review sites to draw guests into your property.  Here are four easy ways you can build a deeper connection with your online customer network through positive social engagement.

1. Give Them Something to Talk About

People are already inclined to share outstanding experiences with their friends, especially when it comes to social media. So your number one job as a hotelier is to ensure your guests actually have a great experience, both in your hotel and online when booking or researching. Because being the best is always buzz-worthy.

2. Ask Guests to Share

  • The best way to get more reviews is simply to ask for them, but you could knock them a small incentive for taking it to the web.
  • Don’t keep your Twitter handle a secret and be sure to plug the social pages you participate on, put it on your receipts at check-out, advertise it on your website and in your guest rooms.
  • Make it convenient for reviewers to share compliments on social. Encouraging reminders before or soon after check-out to guarantee they’ll include more descriptive terms in their review, which will catch the eye of potential guests. You can find some other useful tactics here.

3. Take Offline Activities Online

Offer direct incentives to guests for posting reviews. For example, after a guest checks-out send them an email with a coupon and in the body of the email directly ask them to post a review. Additionally, mobile is only increasing in popularity. Have your Twitter handle at the bottom of the receipt handed to a guest by the pool or a link to TripAdvisor on a post check-out email, it is very likely that the customer will leave a review immediately.

4. Keep an Eye Out for Celebs and Influencers

Supercharge your social media connections with real star power by keeping an eye out for celebs that happen to be fans. Playful engagement with personalities after an unprompted tweet or post about your brand will play better in online communities than if you paid them.  And non-celebrities can be more influential than you think, we notice some people tweeting about brands with 25K followers. Many social intelligence tools break down the influence of authors based on the number of followers they have, making these VIPs easier to find.

Tell us your ideas for interacting with fans below. To learn how Dick’s Sporting Goods uses social media intelligence to humanize it’s brand and increase online reviews, click here.