Did you know that TripAdvisor has over 2.7 million active businesses registered on their site? To get your business listed on the first page during a search you need to be ranked somewhere in the top 30. Although TripAdvisor keeps their more advanced ranking methods a secret, there are three factors we know contribute: frequency, consistency, and volume. With the right strategy you can use these factors to increase your ranking on TripAdvisor. Here are three steps to help you increase your rank using known TripAdvisor ranking methods. Increase your TripAdvisor Rank

1. Be Proactive

It is a typical process for most hotels to send a post stay email, thanking the guest for their visit and asking them to fill out a survey. Additionally, this is an increasingly popular best practice for other industries, including restaurants and retail. Another great way to use this email is to ask customers to also review you on TripAdvisor and give them a direct link to your page. Furthermore, you can use the survey information to help increase your ranking by picking out brand advocates. If someone fills out a survey that is highly complimentary have the general manager call or email them personally. Thank them for the great feedback and then ask them to consider also writing a TripAdvisor review. Studies show that companies that utilize their brand advocates for social media reviews tend to have significantly higher rankings. The most effective way to utilize your advocates is to reach out to them directly. Once they are engaged personally, the likelihood of a brand advocate writing a positive review about you increases dramatically. In fact, as little as a 1% increase in connection with online reviewers can result in anywhere from 11% to 25% increase in your overall sentiment. TripAdvisor increases ranking based on how recent reviews are, so if you get 30 reviews one month and only two the next, that will hurt your rankings. Directly asking guests to review you on TripAdvisor on a consistent basis will help prevent this from happening.

2. Read and Respond to Reviews

It is important to stay engaged with your customers. Keeping track of all of your TripAdvisor reviews can be overwhelming, but with the help of a social media intelligence platform you can see when a negative review comes in and respond immediately. Since 34% of users delete their original negative review after being engaged, taking a deliberate action to respond will help increase your rank by growing the number of positive reviews versus negative. When a negative review is deleted the volume of positive reviews to negative reviews will increase, helping to heighten your rank. Additionally, when potential customers see that you actively respond to negative reviews this increases their likelihood of visiting your business by 20%.

3. Consistently Provide Remarkable Service

The only tried and true way to get frequency, consistency, and volume in TripAdvisor reviews is to provide the best service possible at all times. Typically, customers who are overly thrilled with their experience are highly likely to write a review. If you make your guests feel important it is likely that they will reward you for this by writing a positive review about your company. Everyone from people who only interact with customers briefly to upper management should make their goal to show appreciation for customers in a variety of ways. Overall, to increase your rank with TripAdvisor you must operationalize what you learn from each review to improve the customer experience from the bottom up.

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