Using Foursquare for BusinessDid you that know that 80% of active Foursquare users have made a purchase or visited a business based on tips posted by other local users? A tip could be anything from “try the milkshakes” to “be sure to sit in Tony’s section.” This proves the best way to get new people to visit your business with Foursquare is to have customers post interesting tips about you. Now, for the hard part. How exactly do you get customers to post appealing tips that encourage others to visit your storefront? Up to this point there have been 30 million tips and reviews posted to Foursquare. Here are three ideas for how to get customers to post enticing tips about your business on Foursquare.

1. Get People to Check In

The first step in getting customers to post tips is to get them through the door! The best way to increase your customer base is to offer a variety of Foursquare exclusive specials. Create a deal where a customer gets 15% off when they check-in to your location. Another particularly popular deal is a Swarm Special, where you offer 25% off when 20 or more people check-in during the same time period. This type of deal is especially beneficial for the business owner because it encourages a large number of people, like coworkers for example, to visit your location during a designated time, meaning you can pick a time slot when business is normally slower to increase revenue. Furthermore, you can specifically offer deals to people after they post tips, e.g. 20% off for their next visit. With this tactic, not only do you get a positive review but you also get a repeat customer! The main benefit of offering deals is that customers who use deals are more likely to become brand loyalists and are more likely to write positive tips and reviews about your business on Foursquare.

2. Differentiate to Get People Talking

To get people talking, you need to inspire and excite them. This can be done with special offerings or excellent service. For example, look at the DoubleTree Foursquare Page. DoubleTree gives freshly baked cookies to every guest upon check-in and you’ll be hard pressed to find a tip or review that doesn’t mention cookies or the excellent service. Create something special for your business that is different than your competitors. Something as simple as a special complimentary offering, like the free peanuts at Five Guys or cheddar biscuits at Ruby Tuesday’s, or a free sample of a product upon entry at your retail location really distinguishes your business. Not only do these treats set you apart from competitors, it also makes your customer feel valued, which will increase their likelihood of writing a positive review or tip on Foursquare. The more you do that is exciting and different, the more likely you are to warrant comments from customers on all social media sites.

3. Publicize 

Make sure your customers know that they can check-in and leave tips for your location. Have signs outside telling people that your business is on Foursquare and get the Foursquare Window Cling to show customers that your business is Foursquare certified. We’ve talked before about How To Inspire More Reviews and Foursquare is no different. At the end of an employee and customer interaction have the employee tell the customer to visit your Foursquare page for deals and updates. The customer is now more likely to check-in to your establishment and, while there leave a tip. Additionally, it is not taboo for employees to directly ask for a customer to leave a tip. After a customer has a positive experience thank them and ask them to share what they experienced on Foursquare. If you really went above and beyond, they will be more than happy to brag about you.

To learn more simple steps about how to use Foursquare for your business, download our Foursquare cheat sheet here.