Who doesn’t have that friend or relative that is absolutely impossible to shop for? (Aunt Phyllis we’re looking at you.) Well now retailers like RadioShack and eBay use social media to help customers decide what to buy for loved ones during the holiday season. Also, retailers like Macy’s use live polls from social media to decide how to stock their stores during the holidays. There are numerous options for how you can utilize information on social media to satisfy holiday shoppers and encourage them to make their purchases from you.

Creative social strategies always get noticed, especially during the holiday season when other retailers increase their volume of social output to draw in holiday shoppers. One idea:  create a themed hashtag for holiday shoppers like #favegift. Ask your followers to tweet at you with an item from their wish list using the designated hashtag, and the Twitter handle of the potential gift giver. With all that information you can then tweet at the gifter and giftee with advice and coupons.  A personalized tactic like this gets people to engage with your brand and makes them think of your store as a place where they can find the perfect holiday gifts for their loved ones.

Holiday shoppers bring in big moneyIf this won’t work for you, then consider any social strategy that gets shoppers to engage with you and tell you what they want to buy. Being helpful benefits you and the shopper. Just channel Santa Claus from the classic movie “Miracle on 34th Street” who told shoppers where they could get the hottest toys, even if they were not offered in their store. And speaking of Macy’s, it asked customers on social media what they were planning to buy during the holiday season of 2012. When the holiday shopping was in full swing, Macy’s ordered more jeans in high selling brands and made a huge profit. Macy’s put themselves into the mind of the consumer, met their desires and did it all with social media.

In the same holiday season, RadioShack took to social media to engage consumers on what gifts they like best. They asked customers to post pictures on both Twitter and Facebook of gifts they’d received in the past that were either “so right” or “so wrong”. For the “so right” pictures, RadioShack told the customers where they could buy something similar for their loved ones. For the “so wrong” gifts, RadioShack engaged customers and let them know what they had in stock that might be a good alternative. Not only was this strategy fun for consumers and increased social media engagement, but it also put RadioShack on the forefront in the consumers’ mind when looking for gifts.

When it comes to using social media to help the holiday shopper it’s all about making consumers think of your retail store first when it comes time to make a purchase. Use the perfect social media strategy to get your brand ahead during the holiday season.

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