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More than 150,000 businesses rely on NewBrand to improve brand loyalty and acquire new customers.

Digital conversations about your company take place every day. But you struggle to determine the impact these conversations have on your brand

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NewBrand’s customer experience software does more than just social listening, analytics and reputation management. It enables you to quickly identify, prioritize and implement changes that will have the greatest impact on your brand—at the local, regional and global level.

Our values

Our company is based on two straightforward principles: Do what ever it takes to make our customers successful and have fun doing it.

Customer success. Period.

We are maniacal about customer success and we bring vast amounts of industry, technology and social media expertise to every customer.

Work hard and have fun

We work extremely hard and we love to have fun. We really like hanging out with each other and with our customers.

“By blending their business intelligence expertise with their years of experience in hospitality, NewBrand has created a platform that enables us to truly use customer feedback intelligently.”

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How do you stack up?

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