Industries We Serve

We Know Your Business

Each of newBrandAnalytics’ industry-specific solutions is built exclusively for its vertical focus from restaurants and hotels, to retail and government agencies. Developed collaboratively with industry leaders, nBA offers in-depth strategic, operational and marketing information for each category of business we serve.


Serving up Actionable Intelligence. Our technology deciphers local and region-specific customer feedback based on the operational categories that matter most, so your managers can fix the experience and foster repeat customers.


Driving Positive Reviews, Higher Occupancy. Great hotels want to provide the highest quality guest experience. Delivering on that promise is even more critical in today’s social media world. From valet and check-in, you must be ready to act on customer feedback.


Improving the Customer Experience. Our social market intelligence allows you to continually improve and refine the consumer retail experience to make sure every touchpoint drives positive sentiment and purchase intent.

Health Care

Better Respond to the Needs of your Patients. Our social media intelligence solution allows you to monitor the patient experience as compared to other local medical practices. You're busy running your practice; let us show you what patients are saying in real time.


Helping City Agencies Make the Grade. Officials and agencies in thriving municipalities take public opinion seriously. Launched in partnership with the mayor’s office in D.C., nBA presents an online government service rating, analysis and evaluation platform.