Social Intelligence for Retail

Use Social Intelligence to Improve Retail Operations

Each store has unique characteristics - location, manager, associates, product merchandising opportunities, online offerings, and customer needs all vary. It can be a daunting task to understand the unique customer experience in each of your store locations and online. But there is a source for quality customer experience information: your online reviews, customer forums and social media sites. These pockets of information have a treasure trove of intelligence about your business.

While the world of social media gives your customers a voice, one heard far and wide, it also presents you with a unique opportunity to better understand the shopper's in-store and online experience. The information found there is uniquely from the customer's point of view, providing you answers to questions you didn't even think to ask.

nBA’s Social Intelligence solutions give you visibility into how you are meeting customer expectations and if you’re delivering as you expect at a brand, regional and store level. With Social Intelligence you will have the details required to improve the customer experience with confidence.

    We have helped organizations like yours to:

  • Make better merchandising decisions including assortment, space and promotion opportunities
  • Improve personnel management and training
  • Fix broken store specific processes like long lines or confusing signs
  • Improve customer service

The results are impressive. With Social Intelligence you can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately driving increased revenue through higher ticket totals and repeat customers.

How newBrandAnalytics Works for You

Chief Operating Officer & Team

You’re in pursuit of the perfect customer experience while driving cost effective operations. Using Social Intelligence it’s easy to understand everything from your local ops to your supply chain so you can fix problems fast.

Store Operations & Managers

You and your team think about customer service all day, every day. nBA gives you the power to deliver consistent quality service, fix store issues, resolve complaints, and train and empower staff resulting in a consistently high performing team and happy customers.

Chief Marketing Officer & Merchandising Team

nBA gives you the power to engage with customers directly, track your progress, and improve customer loyalty. Using the detailed data you can improve your online reputation while you drive strategic campaigns and understand the impact of your promotions.


nBA for Retail In Action:

  • Resolve Service Wait Times: A popular electronics equipment retailer believed they offered best in class service with innovative scheduling and a well-educated service team. However, what they didn’t know is that their customers were still angry about a basic flaw: the wait time.  By adjusting their internal process to alert the service staff earlier when a customer was waiting they improved customer sentiment by more than 10%.
  • Staff Appropriately:  nBA worked with a major box retailer to discover that customer sentiment for their holiday layaway program was positive, but customers were annoyed with the long line at the layaway desk. The company switched to using multiple lines for multiple services, thus reducing the long wait and improving overall loyalty.
  • Understand Competitive Offers:  A major toy store found holiday promotions on popular items that sold quickly actually added to customers’ frustrations driving them to local competitors.  Using this real-time competitive data this chain modified their merchandising, promotions and pricing strategy to better suit demand and grab market share.
  • Attract Repeat Customers:  A major grocer found customers loved their store’s fresh foods including the produce, their wine selection and spacious aisles with well stocked shelves.  What the customers had issue with was the selection of their meats.  The grocer reacted quickly by changing the meat department replenishment process and achieved a 17% increase in customer sentiment.
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nBA for Retail


Did You Know?

Increase Your Customer Loyalty: 83% of consumers agree, or strongly agree, that they would be more loyal to a brand if they knew the brand would act on their feedback.

Prove Them Wrong: Only 46% of customers believe brands actually use their constructive feedback to make changes to the customer experience, and only 52% believe feedback is shared with individual locations. 

Source: Empathica Inc's Consumer Insights Panel Survey


“As a brand guy, I've always felt there was a gap in humanizing data until we learned about using social sentiment. nBA helps us get to the why behind the trends and into the psyche of our customers”
- Ryan Eckel, Vice President - Brand Marketing, Dick's Sporting Goods


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