Social Intelligence for Hotels

Use Social Intelligence for Reputation Management and Increased Occupancy Rates

The top priority for hotels has always been to provide the highest quality guest experience. Delivering on this goal is even more critical in today’s “everyone-knows-everything” online world. Since customers are increasingly talking about different aspects of their hotel stay, from valet and check-in, to housekeeping and food service, a hotel’s management, operations and marketing teams must listen and act.

By reading and deciphering the fire hose of unstructured online feedback, newBrandAnalytics’ Social Intelligence lets brand managers, property managers, and every staff member who touches the customer experience improve delivery with the guest in mind.

We have helped organizations like yours to:

  • Engage directly with guests to resolve customer issues
  • Resolve process issues with reservations, check-in and billing
  • Improve staff efficiency and identify training opportunities
  • Understand food & beverage program feedback
  • Drive strategic decisions on where to invest based on the customer sentiment
  • Identify management and operational issues

The results are impressive.  With Social Intelligence you can improve your online reputation, increase guest satisfaction and loyalty, and ultimately increase revenue with higher occupancy and room rates.

How newBrandAnalytics Works for You

Chief Operating Officer & Team

Using Social Intelligence specific to the hotel industry, newBrandAnalytics enables you to make confident decisions about your brand, regional and local operations. It’s easy to uncover issues so you can fix the problems fast.

Regional & Property Managers

You and your team think about customer service all day, every day. With nBA’s alerts, reports and dashboard at your fingertips, you have the power to deliver consistent quality service, fix property issues, resolve complaints, and train and empower staff.


Your livelihood and future depend on your ability to drive occupancy and keep guests coming back. Social Intelligence helps you drive strategic decisions on the things that matter most to your guests. Social competitive intelligence fuels your competitive knowledge allowing you to increase your local market share.

Chief Marketing Officer & Team

Social media engagement gives you the power to engage with customers directly, track your progress, and improve customer loyalty. With detailed data from nBA's Social Intelligence solution you can improve your online reputation while you drive strategic campaigns and understand the impact of your promotions.


nBA for Hospitality In Action:

  • Think Strategically:  Online guest feedback gathered by nBA allowed a boutique hotel to give specific directions to their newly hired architect so he would know which issues to target first -- the lobby and maintenance had the lowest grades.  The result:  A smooth and pleasant check-in process increased online reputation by 13%.
  • Resolve Check-In Issues: Negative reviews given online about long check-in and check-out times for a popular vacation destination convinced management to staff-up for the seasonal rush, alleviating long wait times.  The result:  Intent to return improved by 6%.
  • Improve Service:  By reviewing the most immediate social feedback in pre-shift meetings, one hotelier increased employee productivity and effectiveness by directing staff to the areas most impacting guest satisfaction. The result:  Online reviews inched up increasing occupancy rates.
  • Steal Market Share:  A major flag used nBA to measure their hotel’s relative standing among local peers. Understanding how the property stacks up to local competitors in offering, pricing, and online reputation allowed this team to predict movement in both future and short-term occupancy as well as room rate performance.  The result:  More targeted marketing campaigns with higher redemption rates.
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nBA for Hotels


Did You Know?

Every Voice Deserves to Be Heard: Today, only 7% of hotels are responding to online reviews even though 71% of people say that seeing a management response is important and 79% of people also say it's reassuring.

Source: Forrester

Social Media Matters:  80% of travelers perform research prior to booking, and 84% of Americans say their buying decisions are highly influenced by online reviews.

Source: Opinion Research Corporation


“nBA provides the capability to help us drive operational improvement and deliver superior guest satisfaction.”
- N.Shah, President,
Hersha Hospitality Trust


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