Helping City Agencies Make the Grade

The first of its kind in the nation, nBA’s platform enables agency leaders to listen to and interpret continuous feedback from constituents. This real-time intelligence will help tax-funded agencies make procedural decisions that will improve operations as quickly as possible.

newBrandAnalytics offers the insights that ultimately help to improve the user experience at public agencies. Agency leads can monitor feedback for quality of service, and to define opportunities to more clearly communicate standard policies, ensuring a smooth and friendly experience.

newBrandAnalytics’ flagship governmental offering is currently deployed with the District of Columbia. In this pilot solution, dubbed Grade.DC.Gov, agencies use the data and info gathered from texts, browser-based surveys, and in social media sites to fix issues in process, service and signage.

We do deep location level processing on the data, allowing agency heads to understand trends over time and determine how to improve both tactically and strategically.


Agency heads use these nBA tools the most when managing online reputation: Online Reputation ManagementReal-time Customer Feedback


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Did You Know?

Saving Your Tax Dollars: It can cost an agency between $2 and $15 to answer a phone call. It can cost between $1 and $10 to answer an email, and it usually takes more than one email. Self-service interactions, on the other hand, can cost just fractions of a cent. As a result, some agencies save millions of dollars every year.

Communicate in Real-Time: 18% of Americans would like to be able to connect with government agencies on a mobile app.

Source: RightNow


“We are thrilled to work with an innovative, District-based company. We are excited about applying cutting-edge technology from the private sector to the task of ensuring that D.C. residents receive the best customer service possible from their government.”
- D.C. Mayor Vincent C. Gray