Let Us Do the Work

With nBA, you can quickly and easily access important social market intelligence on your customers, competitors, and business operations. Our products give you unprecedented industry-specific insight at a brand, regional and local level. Customize your newBrandAnalytics product suite to best support your goals and make continuous customer loyalty possible.

Online Reputation Management

FOCUSED INSIGHT. Listen, understand, and analyze the entire spectrum of online customer feedback by translating it into industry-specific actionable insight at a brand, regional, and local level.

Social Competitive Intelligence

COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE. Monitor and compare your social media feedback to that of your competitors so you can analyze benchmarks and industry standards.

Social Engagement

DIRECT CONNECTION. Engage directly with the authors of credible online reviews. Sift through reviews quickly and easily to focus efforts on the customers with the most influence.

Real-Time Customer Feedback

INSTANT FEEDBACK. Enable real-time feedback via mobile devices and open the door for swift action to customer reported issues.

Executive Strategy Session

DEEP UNDERSTANDING. Let nBA’s industry experts help you understand the best way to use the social media feedback provided by your customers. With a focus on your strategic initiatives, these in-person reviews pinpoint trends and benchmarks, and enable you to more fully drive business improvement.