How It Works


First, we capture all relevant commentary about your business from the entire spectrum of online social feedback including social sites, blogs and forums. We distill the data at the local, regional and brand level, and categorize your customers’ comments by location and geo-positioning. When nBA Instant is applied as an add-on feature, we can catch real-time text and mobile feedback as a compliment to your social feedback. Additionally, you can provide us with your comment cards, or other internal survey data to create even deeper analysis.


Next, we use a unique three-pronged approach to process the mounds of data posted online about your business. Starting with our Natural Language Processor (NLP), we read every word of customer feedback to extract meaningful insight and differentiate the sentiment. For example, we understand the difference between “cold beer,” typically a positive experience, versus “cold burger,” a negative one.

We add quality and accuracy with our expertly trained human processing team, and apply statistical analysis and machine learning to the entire data set. Using our patent-pending algorithms, we qualify and organize every insight into a relevant category, such as service, food quality, room quality, and wait times.

We extract key themes and apply performance grades to the reviews. This data serves as a best-in-class barometer to measure overall experience. Next, we inspect the author to determine credibility and influence so you can effectively target your areas of improvement. With nBA Advantage, we do the same processing for your competitors and others in the industry to keep tabs on your relative performance. 


Now you’re ready to take the actionable insights produced on your data and other various bits of info and put them to the test to improve your business. nBA Insight provides immediate access to key insights and an intuitive drill-down analysis that highlights vital information. With nBA Insight, you can compare locations, identify performance trends, and monitor customer loyalty all at a local, regional, and brand level.

nBA Advantage provides intelligence across your competitors with the same intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard. Keep an eye on how consumers of your service view your competition to ensure your strategy sets you apart. Understand when you have to make changes in your business to win and keep customers.

nBA Connect allows you to engage directly with the reviewers, demonstrating to your customers that you care and listen, and their voice matters. Take action to keep loyal customers and rescue potential lost customers—before their public comments damage your brand.

Ultimately, with nBA solutions, you find and fix operational issues and preserve your relationship with customers, with an end result of continuous customer loyalty.