Online Reputation Management Made Easy

Customer Voice, Revealed. newBrandAnalytics makes online reputation management easy for social media managers by collecting and processing massive amounts of unstructured social media comments about your business at the local, regional, and brand level. By using a social media monitoring tool like ours, you can listen to unique top-of-mind feedback offered on the Internet.

Actionable Insights Delivered Instantly. Our process uses a combination of innovative technology and industry-specific algorithms to pinpoint actionable opportunities to improve business operations. And because data is in real-time, you can test offerings at your locations. To learn how Ruby Tuesday used nBA to refresh their brand, read this blog post, Using Social Media to Mitigate Risk.

Managing Your Online Reputation. With information at your fingertips, the data becomes the catalyst to continuously improve your customer experience and loyalty. Our market-leading technology and intuitive platform allow you to understand the real drivers of your business.

Features At-A-Glance

social media monitoring dashboardIntuitive, User-Friendly View

Inspect your customer feedback in a dashboard that’s easy-to-use at any skill level to ensure important information is clear and actionable

Location Level Performance 

Show how your product, service and procedures are operating at each location

Industry-Specific Categorization

Sort feedback into industry-specific categories, see how you compare in each, and identify areas for improvement

using social analysis tool Performance Benchmarks     

See performance over time with details on why changes are occurring in your scores

Customer Loyalty Ratings

Discover real drivers of customer loyalty to enable you to win back lost customers

Common Themes

Listen in on the gossip about your business online to understand common themes

information for social media managersShared Reports & Alerts

Share data throughout your organization while controlling the presentation and frequency of the content delivered—instantly, daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly




What’s the Benefit of Online Reputation Management

In your business, you never want to make hasty decisions based on suspicions or scattered information. newBrandAnalytics empowers you to distill volumes of social feedback and make confident choices for your enterprise--at a brand and local level. With our ground-breaking technology, you can focus on making the operational and location specific improvements that matter most to your business. nBA keeps you ahead of the curve and connected to every aspect of your brand.

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“Today, we are drowning in data, but thirsty for meaning. In today’s world, I believe you can’t afford to ignore the mass of information found in social media. nBA allows us to navigate through all our social media commentary, gain insight into our business operations and interact with our customers”
- Burton Heiss, CEO,
Nando’s Peri Peri

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