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They Hate You?

July 31, 2012
Source: TechBizNow

In high school, be who you are, no matter what people say.
In business, it's change, change, change, because of what people say. newBrandAnalytics tracks social networks to recommend those big changes.

newBrandAnalytics CEO Kristin Muhlner

Former Rollstream and webMethods exec Kristin Muhlner was recently hired to lead the the two-year-old DC startup. Her goal: a bigger presence in social market intel software. The company helps businesses like restaurants and retailers make changes based on customer chatter on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Think recipe changes, employee recognition programs, pricing changes, and new methods for how products are bundled.

The 75-person company targets food and beverage, hospitality, and retail companies and is just starting to enter the government space. It was recently hired by DC to help collect resident feedback on various government agencies. Kristin says there’s potential for more state and local government work and even federal agencies where there’s a lot of public engagement. It helps that the administration’s digital strategy includes a call to create a more customer-centric government.

Kam Desai and Ashish Gambhir, two of three founders, hired Susan Ganeshan as chief marketing officer. The founders spent some time running a small high-end salon they launched in San Francisco in 2005. It was pre-social networks and smartphones, but sites like Citysearch were collecting customer reviews; the team analyzed them to make operational changes. When smartphones took off, they realized they could build software to do the same thing.

Several large chains have already signed on including Five Guys, P.F. Chang’s, and Hersha. And they also attracted $26M in VC last year from Revolution and NEA.