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Platform help brands mine social data

May 16, 2011

by Kristina Knight

Source: BizReport

Wondering how to get more from social media? With reports that social media isn't pushing as much commerce as once thought, many brands are looking for new solutions. The key, though, may be in using social media differently. Rather than using social media to push sales, using social media to gain more insight into consumers may be what pushes brands forward.

That is where a solution from newBrandAnalytics comes in. Called Social Guest Satisfaction, the solution is created for those in the hospitality industry but correlations could be drawn to a number of other industry segments. The solution allows hospitality brands to mine customer satisfaction, dis-satisfaction and other information to create real time, actionable insights into their core customer base.

"Hospitality companies that have used social media listening platforms and traditional guest feedback channels to gain customer insight are turning to newBrandAnalytics because it has emerged as the most relevant, analytical, and actionable way to understand performance," said Kam Desai, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of newBrandAnalytics. "Our solutions revolutionize their ability to provide a great customer experience for all of their guests - and drive sustainable, bottom-line results."

newBrandAnalytics platforms include more than hospitality segment information; there are tools for Social Marketing Intelligence, Social Advertising Intelligence and Social Competitive Intelligence that may help brands and marketers in different segments better connect with their customer base through social media.