Our Story

Our company was built on the belief that customers tell you everything you need to know to be a success—all you have to do is listen. That’s what two of our founders, Neil and Kam, learned after they harvested online customer feedback to turn their business, SalonSpa, into the fastest growing retail space in Aveda’s network.

Although they had no previous experience with spa operations, they knew understanding customer feedback was the key to continuous operational improvement and customer loyalty. This data collection and analysis became the “aha” moment and brainchild for newBrandAnalytics, and the two began a new business initiative.

It wasn’t long after developing the initial idea for nBA that Neil met our third founder, Ashish, who was creating a similar business plan at Cornell University’s Johnson School of Business. The trio decided to join forces.

In 2009, the team put together the first nBA business plan and met with over 1,000 different businesses in an array of industries including hospitality, restaurant, and retail. After gathering massive amounts of data, they were able to create their first client partnerships and provide them with actionable insights. newBrandAnalytics was officially founded on April 15, 2010.

With a strong clientele and business plan, it wasn’t surprising that in 2011, nBA strategically partnered with world-renowned investment firms, NEA and Revolution LLC.

Today, nBA's technology monitors 100,000 businesses in the restaurant, hospitality, government and retail industries and has continued to grow at an astounding pace. We remain at the forefront of social analytics, and our products provide even more usability and actionable insight to our clientele.

Our story lives on as we continually work together to bring customers closer.