nBA Pulse - The Ultimate Brand Monitor

We think capturing consumers’ conversations about your brand shouldn’t be like having a second job. Experience an easier way with nBA Pulse. Monitor any subject across the web, identify large influencers and understand what’s driving the buzz that’s impacting your brand all without having to sit behind your computer 24/7.

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Wide Spectrum Social Analytics

Let nBA automate social listening for you. Be alerted to when a conversation is gaining momentum before it goes viral. Get detailed snapshots of your business as chatter volumes increase across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, forums, blogs and news sites without wasting time deciphering data.
We make it simple to annotate the findings to share with GMs and managers.

There are three features of Pulse that set us apart from first-generation tools:

nBA Pulse Makes Brand Monitoring Easy for the Whole Team


“I love how it enables my team to track consumer chatter about our marketing campaigns. Now we can work faster and smarter when tweaking our commercialization plans.”

PR Agents

“Pulse makes our department look like the hero every time anyone with any influence says anything about us online. We can reach out and turn that social VIP or news reporter into our best advocate!”

Insights Execs

“Customers’ voices differ from place to place, and following trends gets tough in this 24/7 social world. Pulse makes my life easier by highlighting the most important chatter by location so I can focus on strategy.”

Crisis Managers

“With Pulse’s volatility alerts, we’re the first to know what’s being said about us online, by whom and from where so we can decide to encourage or neutralize it.”

Find out why they call it The Year of Customer Experience.