How to Apologize on Twitter

Authenticity is the golden rule when apologizing for a bad customer experience. It is also the golden rule of social media. In the modern social media era, engaging with negative reviews is vital. But the art of communicating authenticity when apologizing to negatives reviews on Twitter, where you only have 140 characters, is not an easy task, and it must be done quickly with the correct words and personality.

When facing negative word of mouth, time is not on your side. Approximately 175 million tweets are posted daily and the average Twitter feed updates every few seconds. Don’t let your apology, or a customer’s complaint, get lost in the shuffle.  Constantly monitoring for negative reviews, and, yes, this includes the weekends, is crucial for customer experience and online reputation management.


With the Twitter apology you don’t have enough characters to beat around the bush. Immediately say you’re sorry and say it like you mean it. Additionally, your Twitter account has a personality and the apology must match its established voice. When the voice of the apology doesn’t match the rest of your feed it immediately sounds fake and rehearsed. For example:

Good morning, Twitter world! It’s #Friday and we’re ready to celebrate with some delicious eats :)

@Anonymous we deeply regret your negative experience at our establishment. Contact us at your earliest convenience and we will resolve it.

Now, you tell us. Do those tweets sound like they came from the same organization? Does the second one sound sincere? Right, we don’t think so either. In this example, the apology seems like the Apology Robot wrote it. Definitely breaking the rule of authenticity in Twitter apologies.

Follow your apology by giving your customer a direct channel to reach out. Use an email that links directly to an employee to humanize your brand and let them know you’re truly listening and acting.

I absolutely hate the long lines at Store X. It takes forever and then the people at the counter act so rude!

We’re sorry to hear that. Please reach out to us at Let us know how we can turn that frown upside down!

End your tweet by promising you’ll find a resolution to the issue. You cannot explain to your customer exactly how you’ll fix the problem but a simple “we’ll make it up to you” or genuine offer to improve shows you’ll make the effort.

When you don’t have enough info to apologize and admit guilt, feel free to push the conversation to your support team so they can do the proper research.  You might say

@tweeter: Please reach out to us at We want to resolve this for you right away.

Social media gives businesses a never ending opportunity to improve customer satisfaction by engaging. Apologizing on Twitter makes your response easily shareable. Show current and potential customers that you care about service and customer satisfaction with a Twitter apology.

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